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Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that during this time that you are staying safe and healthy. This page will provide resources for continuing educational enrichment at home. All of these resources are optional. None of the assignments will be used for grading purposes. Our intention is to update this page weekly on Monday mornings for the duration of the closure. Some of the resources will require your child to log in with their Google account. If your child has forgotten their password, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will open a ticket with the Technology Department to have the password reset. Unfortunately, this will not happen instantly.

Scroll or click on one of the links below to find information for each subject area.

Art (Updated for Week 2 - Please visit Mr. Kirk's Google Classroom for updated information.)
Computer Literacy (Updated for Week 4)
Health/PE (Updated for Week 6)
STEM (Updated for Week 2)
Guidance Resources






Hello all!
I hope you are all doing so well. I have created a Google Classroom for you to have access to some visual art resources while you are all at home. I have supplied each class with 100 sketchbook prompts for you to work on at your leisure. When you finish one sketch, post it to the class so that I can give you feedback. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work. Remember there are no mistakes just happy accidents. Have fun! 
Google Classroom codes:
8th grade: mb4yjvx
7th grade: z55jpto
6th grade: 4pe4r7a
Mr. Kirk
Resources for art: explore! 
Museums large and small, classic and modern, world-renowned and community-based from over 40 countries have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of works ranging from oil on canvas to sculpture and furniture. Some paintings are available in ‘gigapixel’ format, allowing you to zoom in at brushstroke level to examine incredible detail.
Here is the app version of google arts and culture. This app is amazing. 
Arts Edge
Arts Edge is the Kennedy Centre's free digital resource for teaching and learning through the Arts. It provides Art lessons, videos, how-to guides and many more for free.
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Good afternoon band parents,
During these times when we are away, we can still have the opportunity to make music.  I encourage all students (young and old) to keep playing their instrument.  A local assisted living facility in Hendersonville contacted me and had an idea to have visitors play outside in a courtyard for residents inside with their windows open.  This may be something to look at doing and would be a fun and meaningful family activity.  If you would like the information of the activity director who contacted me, I will give that to you privately, and just want to make you aware that this would be completely up to you as a parent, and none of this would be an official capacity with the SCMS band or Sumner County Schools.
Since we are not meeting, I have updated the Google Classroom pages with music for each grade (when we are able to return).  As of now, I do not think it would be possible to put on a concert on May 4th, so I am cancelling that concert.  Upon return to school, each grade would perform 3 pieces we could work on in short time and perhaps do a concert at school where we video the concert and make that available to parents and perhaps do a live stream.  But, that is all contingent on whatever we can do upon our return to school.
There are also a couple of online tools that have been created and will soon also be up on Google Classroom. Both of these online resources are free.  Sight reading factory is for an entire year, and SmartMusic is free thru June 30th. 
  1. Sight reading factory is a tool that will help you improve your music reading skills.  To register go to: and enter an email address.  Use your  See the email Mr. Featherston sent to parents for the join codes.
  2. SmartMusic has the method books we use in class, some of the music that we play and very many solos and other tools to help you improve and have fun!  This program will also grade you on if you are playing the correct notes or not.  You do need a microphone to have the evaluation aspect work.  To register go to, and use your email (which is:   See the email from Mr. Featherston for the join code.
  3. If your child is not enrolled in the band google classroom please follow the directions in the email to parents.
Students can also post videos to Google Classroom and I will be able to provide feedback to them and answer any questions regarding their instrument they may have.  There are also a couple of apps that I will begin experimenting with soon.  One is an acapella app that lets you record multiple voices and make your own concert and also Zoom which allows for meeting as a group.  These apps could be used for fun to make music together at a distance.
Keep safe and hope we are back together soon.  Go Bison!
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 Mrs. Hester will be sending out an email update soon. In the meantime, put on your favorite music and rock out!


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Computer Literacy

During this time apart, I would encourage my students to spend 30 minutes a day keyboarding. It is a necessary skill that many of our students are lacking. You can continue using your and NitroType accounts. The join codes are in Google Classroom.

For now, we are continuing the Computer Science Express Course using If you find the Express Course too difficult, please work on any of the Hour of Code lessons. Flappy Code and Code Your Own Dance Party have been popular for my students in the past. For more information, see the assignment in Google Classroom.

For any student that isn't in my class, accounts on are free. Get out there and join the Hour of Code!

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These plans include the Health\PE classes from Coach Hannah, Coach Stiles, Coach Thomas, and Mrs. Warren

PE Update: May is here and that means the warm weather is here to stay.  May is also the time of year when we have field day at SCMS! Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy the tug-of-war, inflatable bounce houses, and hanging out signing yearbooks together. You can still have fun outside with your family, though. Create some new (or old) field day events! Use your imagination to invent some new games or activities for a "virtual field day". They can be silly and fun, or they can be competitive (create medals for the winners, too). Let us know what you come up with!

Send videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will post them on the school website.
When exercising be sure to keep a safe “social distancing” from others
Please try these daily for 20-30 minutes 
Begin with Stretching
Feet together legs straight- stretch for your toes and hold 15 seconds
25 Jumping jacks
Twist at the hips
Calf stretches - right leg out in front then left leg
Jogging - 8-10 minutes - (in your yard, in place, in the street front of your house)
Jump rope or hula hoop
Squat thrusts- mountain climbers
“16 jumps”
Alternate Outside activities you can dribble and shoot basketball, kick a soccer ball, different forms of movement (skipping, hopping),ride a bicycle, roller skate, running sprints, design a small obstacle course for going under, over, around, and through items then time yourself.  Be creative.
While inside during tv commercials do crunches, pushups, sit-ups, various stretches- butterfly, bridges, reaching for your toes
We all hope you are exercising and staying well!  We miss you!
Coach Hannah, Coach Stiles, Coach Thomas, and Mrs. Warren

GoNoodle Games
7 Minute Workout with Lazy Monster
NFL Play60 App
Mr. Will’s PE at Home website
American Heart Association’s 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home
Knowledge Island Family Edition
Playworks Online Game Library
To support your efforts to keep students moving and learning while at home due to closures related to COVID-19, ActivEd has made the Walkabouts platform temporarily available at no cost to those implementing remote learning. They have created general login credentials for those who do not already have access to Walkabouts. To get started, teachers and students can log in here with the general usernames and passwords provided below for each grade level.

Cairn Guidance Non-Traditional Health Education Prompts Elementary School
Cairn Guidance Non-Traditional Health Education Prompts Middle School
Cairn Guidance Non-Traditional Health Education Prompts High School
Lisa Smith’s At Home Health Education
SPARK PE/Healthy Lifestyle Choices Health Lessons

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Online Activity - Learning Blade is a wonderful educational platform that teaches about STEM careers through a series of real-world “Missions”. 
You can access Learning Blade through Clever
This week’s suggested Mission: Hack Attack - After your school website and files are hacked, you work to repair, detect, and prevent hacks. 
Learn about several STEM careers related to online security and website design.

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Tips for Home Instruction

1. Set up a daily routine.
2. Have a designated place that is set aside for learning.
3. Limit distractions for your child during learning time.
4. Allow your child to take breaks but structure them to maintain a routine.
5. Mix screen time with offline learning. This can be difficult since many of the resources will be digital. Have your child read a book or textbook in order to have a break from the screen.
6. Connect with other parents to share strategies that you've found to be effective.
7. Allow your child the freedom to explore their interests.
8. Take time to have fun as a family.

Hopefully these resources will prove to helpful for your family. 

Station Camp Middle School Administration, Faculty, and Staff

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