Station Camp Middle School

Hello Station Camp Middle School Families,

We are ready to start this year’s TCAP assessments! Our students and teachers have worked very hard each and every day and now it is time for our students to demonstrate the countless learning objectives they have achieved this year.  

Below is the schedule we shared last month. Please make sure your child is present each day he or she is scheduled to test. We do have times available for makeups, but being present on the scheduled date is ideal. 

Two of the assessments (math and science) allow the use of a calculator.  Please be sure your student brings his or her calculator on those dates. The approved calculator from our Sumner Schools Supply List is the TI-30XIIS Texas Instrument Calculator.

Finally, please make sure your student gets plenty of rest the night before each assessment and has the opportunity to eat breakfast. Please note our cafeteria opens at 6:45 am for any student wanting to purchase breakfastTesting starts at 7:50 am each day, so we want to be sure our students are well rested and ready to do their best. 

Thank you for your support!

Brian Smith

Principal - SCMS

  • Tuesday, April 16 – ELA Part 1 – All Grades
  • Wednesday, April 17 – Science – 6th Grade *Calculator Needed
  • Thursday, April 18 – Science – 7th Grade *Calculator Needed
  • Tuesday, April 23 – ELA Parts 2, 3, and 4 – All Grades
  • Wednesday, April 24 – Math Parts 1, 2, and 3 – All Grades *Calculator Needed
  • Thursday, April 25 – Social Studies Parts 1 and 2 – All Grades
  • Tuesday, April 30 – Science – 8th Grade *Calculator Needed

*Most regular testing ends each day before 10:40 am. Students who receive extended time accommodations will be testing later into the day. 


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